The Mission of Allred10

The mission of the Allred10 website is to assist the reader to be a more persuasive leader by using the principals taught in the blog posts.  Persuasive leadership will increase the satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency of those being led.  There has never been a great leader that became a great leader by reading a book or a blog post on leadership.  However, everyone can improve their leadership skills by studying and implementing practices that have proven to be effective.

Persuasive2My motivation for helping others to be more persuasive leaders is relatively simple.  I want others to find the joy in life that I have found.  I have come to know that trying to do good and be good brings great joy. This includes in my self, job, family and faith.

I know something of how to create a positive and productive work environment. I have been the COO of a health care company, a teacher, the CFO of a feed mill, a CPA and the CEO of a power plant.  

Allred 2017-4My wife and I have nine children and 31 grandchildren, so far.  We have helped our kids through the trials that naturally happen to everyday people.  I know something of love, discipline and nurturing.

jesus-christ-39623-print (1)I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I have seen in the last 70 years how the principles He taught bless the lives of everyone who follows Him.  Everything I am and think and do has been positively influenced by that fact.  My faith is anchored in Jesus Christ – His example, His teachings and His sacrifice.  It is also an integral part of my management philosophy – Leadership by persuasion and not by compulsion.

donatelifelogoFinally, at age 59, I received a heart transplant.  As I was recovering from surgery, I made a commitment to bless the lives of others in recognition of the family who donated the heart of their son to me.  I strive to make each day meaningful by helping someone in some way. 

This website is part of my commitment to serve. Please read the blog posts and the pictorial Points to Ponder in all four areas – Self, Job, Family and Faith. I want to be an influencer for good.

My latest endeavor is Finding the Path, a novel that I wrote to help anyone find faith, hope and happiness.  You can read it here for free.