Introductory Post

RAC2My name is Roger Allred and I am a professional speaker and an advisor/coach.  During my 30+ year career, I have studied how leaders create profitable and productive organizations.  I am also a CPA and as I have consulted with leaders in many different industries, I have studied the personal attributes of exceptional leaders.  You can read Credentials on this website as support for what I have written.

I created this blog to provide meaningful content to those who are trying to be exceptional leaders.  My management experience has taught me that exceptional leaders are those who make their respective organizations exceptional – business, government, non-profit, clubs, churches, athletic teams and families.  They do this by helping other team members to maximize their creativity  and contribution to the organization.

My blog posts will focus on the attributes and best practices of exceptional leaders in all organizations and at all levels of management.  My intent is to present concepts, provide evidence of their effectiveness and encourage leaders to lead with their heart  to help their team reach the top.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I might help you.

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